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Monday, February 25, 2013

learn How to Take Care of Your Marriage and Build it Strong!

Marriage is a Lifelong Commitment

Of course that goes without saying. You will be quite surprised that one out of every three couples gets married for all the wrong reasons. Two out of three couples get married in too much of a hurry without knowing what they are getting into. That leaves only one out of three marriages that will work. If you are having trouble in your relationship investing in relationship guides to help you is nothing to be embarrassed about!

Divorce statistics worldwide are pretty ugly and this is rather sad considering that it is a relationship blessed by God. The reasons for people getting divorced are too numerous and too complicated to go into here but the biggest reasons of all is incompatibility and the lack of commitment.

If you visit a professional relationship counselor they will tell you that marriage can be compared to a business. You have to build any business from a solid foundation to make a success of it. Same goes for a relationship. It takes open communication, love, dedication to each other commitment and caring. If you do not know how to compromise and are inflexible to your partners needs the marriage will disintegrate.

Get to Know Each Other First

Never get married for all the wrong reasons. Don’t get married and say yes because you do not want to hurt his/her feelings! Do not get married because of pressures from your family! Do not get married for money and do not get married because you are afraid of being left on the shelf and growing old alone. Rather take some time to get to know each other.

After all this is what being engaged is all about. In today’s modern times it has become acceptable to live together to find out whether you are truly compatible. This also gives people a chance to build up assets and ready themselves for the final commitment.

Get married if you truly love your partner unconditionally, are prepared to do everything possible to make it work, and have true trust in each other. Make your marriage a lifelong commitment and it will be blessed by God.  What are your views??

If your relationship is in trouble take advantage of this great guide or any of the many others on this website and invest in a powerful long lasting relationship. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

How To Beat a Pornography Addiction!

How to Beat Your Pornography Addiction or Help Others Overcome Theirs

I have decided to mention this issue in this post as I received a recent request for help about obsessions with pornography in my inbox…..

Pornography Addiction is affecting many people all over the world, now reaching a whole new level, with easy access to almost any type to suit tastes for both men, and women. Many people have natural curiosity about pornography when they get an internet connection, and this soon spirals out of control to become a nasty addiction.

In a recent email sent to me, someone was desperately asking me how she could help her partner overcome an addiction to pornography on the internet, and after some research online, I discovered an excellent product to beat pornography which I have recommended to her.

Pornography becomes a serious addition which traps many people.

If you believe you have a possible addiction to pornography, then it is possible that you do have a problem, and recognizing this fact is a first step to beating pornography additions.

Excessive surfing of pornography has even caused untold damage in many relationships, with men and women, becoming driven to look at it the minute they switch on their computers.

Get effective help to beat your pornography addiction by clicking the links or banner above, or if you have a partner that has been sucked into this web, then you can perhaps steer them to read this post so that they can finally get help for themselves. Watch the video

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Unfulfilled Passion of a Man....

My Beautiful Darling ‘How can I love you so much and so deeply”. How devastating to me that you can never truly be mine….

My first thought on waking is of you, just as my last thoughts are when I close my eyes at night. When I see you each time, my heart pounds in my chest with excitement, and surely you feel this beating of my heart when I hold you in my arms.

My love for you overpowers me yet it is frustrating, being a powerful deep feeling that affects each waking moment, and all my daily actions. I want to protect you and let you know that I will always be there for you…

Words are not enough to describe how beautiful you are in my eyes, because you are perfect in every way, the perfectly beautiful woman, the perfect mother, the perfect friend and the perfect daughter.

The beauty of a newly opened rose would pale in comparison. When I look at you the few times I am able to see you, I drink in your beauty, recording fresh images that are saved in my mind to remember later every beautiful detail of you when you leave ….

Your sweet fleeting kiss of greeting with the feeling of your soft lips on mine electrifies me and must be enough. Looking into your eyes drowns me with passion, and fills me with a deep desire to hold you tightly, and keep you close to me.

Your smile fills me with joy and your laugh makes my heart soar. When I look at you I send out an invisible blanket of love that enfolds you, and surely you feel this power of pure love flowing between us.

From being one that is cynical about true love, I have now realized how encompassing this feeling can be for any woman. You will never know how painful it is that you will never know how much I love you because you cannot know. If you knew how much I felt for you, I know I would lose you forever

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Are You Guilty of Using Love as a Weapon?

Never Use Love as a Weapon in a relationship!.

Many people use love as a weapon without realizing it and at some time or another this can ruin a relationship. For example I have heard a girl say to a guy “you will do it  because you love me” There are many others ways that love can be used as leverage in a relationship even between a parent and children, to get either what the child or parents wants. 

Are you guilty of using someone’s feelings for you as a weapon?  In new relationships both partners will do everything possible to please each other, but as the relationship matures, this changes.

Build a loving trusting and mutually beneficial relationship.

When your partner asks you for something, or to do anything then it needs to be done with love and pleasure. If you find that doing what your partner wants starts to irritate you then your relationship is in trouble waters. This could be because of many demands placed on one or other partner. Support, caring, and attending to each others wants and needs should be a ongoing process if you truly love someone. 

If you ask something of your partner and they are unable to comply then there must be a reason for it. Rather discuss why instead of saying, “why didn’t you do what I asked?  I thought you loved me”. That is using love as a weapon.